Thank you for honouring mothers in need…..

THANK YOU to all our donors and volunteers that supported this year’s Mother’s Day Drive. Yesterday, 25 volunteers filled and delivered 350 Mother’s Day Hampers to 13 front-line organizations who gave them to single mothers in honour of Mother’s Day. The help from our volunteers and from Save-On-Foods Cambie Street was fantastic – we couldn’t have done it without you!We wanted to share with you one volunteer’s experience delivering hampers yesterday and to say that whether you donated funds or volunteered, it made a difference to someone – THANK YOU!


Dear Cause We Care Foundation,

You don't know me well, and I haven't helped stuff and deliver before, but let me share a little piece of the fruits of your efforts with you (after all, I know that's why you do all you do).

You sent me to RayCam Community Centre today. Uncharted territory for me! There, I met Sabine, we unloaded the 20 bags, put 14 in her office and the last 7 -- well-- she said, "come meet the women". Into another room we went. Six young women smiled up at me-- they were in the middle of a parent to parent counseling session, learning how to function as moms in their extremely impoverished and difficult situations, and then go into their community and teach other moms what they learned.

We chatted for a while (they were eager to chat about their situations) and they individually told me how many kids they had (one was pregnant, looked really young), one had 6, one had 3-- they had all been street workers but I believe are now off the street. I think this parent to parent to program at this community centre supports and helps them stay off.

I got to hand them their bags from CWC in person. Before they looked in, they were already excited and clapping. I was mumbling "well, these are just basics, it's not like Christmas" ... But their excitement increased as they reached in their bags. The girl beside me had one hand on my arm and the other in her bag and was squealing (delighted).

I had to suddenly look away to hold back unexpected tears. Then they all started to cry. Sabine was crying too. She passed out Kleenexes. I felt unworthy of this gratitude, being a mere courier.

I sheepishly slunk outside and very guiltily got into my car to drive to my end of the world in west van. I wanted you to know what good you have done for this little forlorn group of women at RayCam. And for me. The day was life altering. Thank you.

Lisa - Cause We Care volunteer