Your support makes a difference

Following our Mother’s Day Hamper drive, one of our volunteers wrote an emotional email about her experience delivering the hampers to Ray-Cam Community Centre and meeting with a group of single mother’s who live without enough. Her letter prompted action - through generous donations, CWCF was able to deliver diapers, formula and insect  killer to Ray-Cam to distribute. Below is a letter from the recipient moms.  

[box type="shadow"] To the Cause We Care foundation from the Raymur Mom’s

This year we received “Mother’s Day” parcels from your Foundation. Lisa one of your members graciously brought the gifts to the Ray-Cam center where we were meeting  with our parent group.

Many of us moms were over whelmed by your generosity. One mom was excited to receive the tooth paste for her children as her kids keep asking for the same tooth paste that was in her hand. She said “my kids keep asking for this tooth paste but I can’t afford to pay six bucks for that brand. They are going to be so excited”. Other moms were swapping the bubble baths to smell each other’s bottle. “I haven’t had a bubble bath in eons” said another mom.

Then a Mother started to cry, she said “there are so many things in this bag I need right now because I just ran out” Of course everyone joined Bessie in the tears of happiness. Lisa joined in and the mom’s passed her a Kleenex.

Lisa asked what else do people need in this community, we said diapers, formula, bug spray, and she said she would take it back to the group. Well on Monday May 14th you arrived with boxes and boxes and bags and bags full of diapers, bug spray, and formula. We watched you parade in and wondered are those for the community, could we have some. Yes indeed it was for us and the word got out.  Mom’s from all around came to ask if they could have some and walked out of Ray-Cam with smile of joy.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ♥

The Raymur Mom’s