Guest Blog : Back2School with Susie Wall

I was once told by a single mother in need that she feels like she’s stuck in cement. B.C.’s children are the poorest in Canada. Boys and girls who live minutes away from us face everything from hunger and bed bugs to violence at home. This isn’t to say that all needy children live in squalor or danger. But a visit to the home of a severely disadvantaged local child is heart breaking: poverty robs these kids of freedom, dignity and the ability to prosper.

And for the tens of thousands of kids in B.C. from impoverished homes, back to school shopping season spells dread. Forget about fancy gadgets and tech toys - money for even standard supplies is unfathomable.

Like all parents, I saw every child differently the moment I had my own. I was shocked by the number of mothers who were clearly in need on my delivery ward - and I began imagining the scores of children out there who weren’t as lucky as mine. And that’s exactly what it is for these kids: luck of the draw. For my family and many friends in our community, Cause We Care and their annual drives and initiatives (Back To School, Christmas Hamper, Mother’s Day Drive) have been a profound pipeline through which we can help improve the odds for these kids and their mothers.

In supporting the Back To School Drive, you will not only help provide basic provisions directly to the front lines, but also you will ease the social stigma carried by our smallest citizens. Thank you for helping these kids get their feet into the starting blocks just in time for school.

Susie Wall

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Susie WallSusie Wall is the West Coast correspondent for Canada's top-rated eTalk on CTV as well as the resident style expert for CityTV's Breakfast Television. In addition to her TV contributions, she pens a weekly lifestyle column, Susie Says, for the Province newspaper.

A born and bred British Columbian, she holds a degree in Communications from Queen's University. As both a parent and public figure, Susie cares deeply for the community around her.[/box]