Kids First' wish list

Sometimes something strikes a chord within us that is unexpected.  As parents, we hope for our children to be safe, to have opportunities, to have compassion; we take them to school, we feed and clothe them and keep them warm and loved in all the ways each of us do.  In one of the most beautiful cities in the world, we often become distracted with our daily living.  Sometimes it’s a story, a picture, or a fleeting expression that moves our emotions and pushes us to act in an unexpected or spontaneous way.     Art has long been an expression of inner emotion, unique to the artist.  A child who is unable to put words to a situation or a fear or a feeling may often be able to express themselves in drawing and color to “speak” what they cannot say - vividly and safely.  Imagine a child with a sketch pad and a package of felts.  A child that lives in poverty and possibly uncertain circumstances; maybe even with nowhere to turn.  Thunderbird Elementary’s “KidsFirst” after school program run by the passionate Birgid and funded by Cause We Care is a safe place for children.  One simple wish list item they had listed on their wall was “sketch pads / felts” for each of the 40 children in the KidsFirst program.

I am fortunate to work with a very generous man named David L - David and his beautiful wife J have three grown children, and they themselves are passionate art lovers.  In one of my conversations with David, this desire for sketch pads for the kids came up.  He did not hesitate for a second – Done!  As they say in our business.  And with that, an unexpected spontaneous compassionate moment on David’s part on behalf of Haywood has now translated into sketch pads and felts for all the children – and most meaningfully, the opportunity for these children to express what they need to “say”.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts David.  

From Michelle (CWCF Board) and the children of KidsFirst