Sketch pads and coloured felts

Sketch pads and colored felts – how art can educate, nurture, excite and calm all at the same time! Heartfelt thanks again to David & Jill for their thoughtful and compassionate donation – each child in the after school program KidsFirst at Thunderbird Elementary received their very own sketch pad and pack of felts in the fall, and the teachers report great benefits already!

For each child to have their own drawing supplies, for their own personal  use and care, to express privately or for sharing whatever they feel given to creating on any given day is a powerful blessing for kids living in an at risk and vulnerable area in our own corner of the world.  Each child keeps their art tucked away in their own cubby, with ownership and pride.

A child who is unable to put words to a situation or a fear or a feeling may often be able to express themselves in drawing and color to “speak” what they cannot say - vividly and safely. Joy and Sadness. Fear and Excitement.  Worry and Relief. The art often speaks for itself.

Thunderbird Elementary is an Inner City School and the KidsFirst Afterschool program is funded by the Cause We Care Foundation (see our blog for more details).