March Break at Thunderbird

Now that March has arrived, you may be asked several times a day what your family’s plans are for March break.  With excitement, you relay your plans to take the kids skiing or maybe Disneyland or a sunny, warm destination.  For many families, March break causes stress because without school, many kids have no place to be that is safe, secure and provides something to do. With 51 kids on their list for the after school program at Thunderbird Elementary, there are many kids that need a safe-haven at March break.  Cause We Care is honoured to fund the first ever March break program at Thunderbird where kids can go from 8:30 to 3:00pm with lunch and snacks provided and activities to boot.  Thanks to your donations, Cause We Care is able to relieve a little stress around the school breaks this year. We (and the kids) thank you for your support; it is making a very real difference in the lives of the Thunderbird Elementary students.