We here at CWC are passionate about our programs and initiatives.  We love the community connections on all levels, big and small.  We get so excited about our plans….and often find ourselves caught up in the all the details about how to possibly pull it all together – and we’ve such awesome volunteers alongside  in everything we do! We LOVE when we are reminded of WHY we are doing what we do with the amazing support of our donors and volunteers, so when we were touched by a simple heartfelt note from someone who is a crusader for the kids at Thunderbird Elementary, we wanted to share it with you as well:

“…..I can see how the support of Kids First helps to ensure that homework is completed and gives them that extra push to ensure their success. 

I continue to believe that Kids First is the best program for our school.  We have the best people working with the students.  The space is amazing, warm and welcome.  The kids are nourished both with food and ideas to stretch their minds to think beyond.  There have been many  success as why we continue to need Kids First.  An example of this is Nathan- who comes each day and says "I like LIFE better. What are we going to do today."  He comes each day to the warm safe environment it provides.  The biggest thing is that he stays.  Another student wanted to leave Thunderbird.  Kids First kept her here.  She has been given the opportunity to take on a leadership role and by having her here after school it creates a piece of mind for her single mom.

Kids First is a place that is consistent, nurturing.  I am so grateful for you and Cause We Care.  You support us in making it possible, making it happen.  Cause We Care is our guardian angel.” 

This is why it is indeed KidsFirst.