Cause We Care supports Women in trades training

Tradeworks Training Society is an organization situated in the DTES with a mission to assist women and youth with barriers to employment to develop skills and abilities to secure meaningful employment. Since 1994 Tradeworks has been providing training in life and employment skills and training in the trade of carpentry. Through their Women's Workshop over 48 women annually are provided an introductory carpentry training program providing essential skills for entry to employment in the trades. The women who attend the program are a diverse group all with significant barriers to employment and over half of the participants are single mothers.Once the women graduate from the program some return for extra support which may include additional workshop time to hone a particular carpentry skill, meeting with a life and employable skills instructor to help with issues they may be experiencing or for general support. Cause We Care Foundation is proud to help fund this post-program support and instruction and to see these women go onto sustainable employment and futures for themselves and their families. We were excited to visit the Tradeworks shop and meet some of the current participants.